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Medi Globe – A Name Of Trust And Excellence!

We are a trusted name in the segment of Pharma Export and Import and have been catering to the healthcare professionals and service institutions for the past twenty years. Our experience makes us a leading and very dynamic Pharma EXIM Company of global repute.

What we offer?

We are offer fluent and quality linkages for the export and import of the Pharma products of whole diversity. Presently we are engaged in the logistics of –

  • All chemicals and allied products
  • Generic medicine
  • Branded medicine
  • APIs – active Pharma ingredients
  • Health care and medical supplies
  • Miscellaneous Pharma products

Authenticity and Ethics – Our Hallmarks

We have succeeded in making out a niche position for self because of our competencies to delineate the most authentic passages and develop linkages with the registered and certified Med and Pharma products manufacturers, distributors and suppliers. The reliance on the certified supply networks ensures that only the best products are moved through our channels that are kept under direct and constant vigil throughout. The most sophisticated tagging and branding has been adopted to mark the med consignments and maintain the tamper proof characteristics of the same throughout the logistics passage.

Separately, our capacity to connect in real time and dynamically with any of the med suppliers in different parts of the world, secures for us broad based credits. We are able to source the rarest of the med supplies in shortest possible time yet also ensuring the high authenticity through our guarded channels. Our swift services make us the reliable supply partners of the noted healthcare institutions and professionals of the world who fall back upon our efficient logistics and quality assurances.

The EXIM routes that we adopt for the movement of the generic and branded medicines are based on the secure passages that are developed and maintained by the regulatory agencies of the national governments in respective countries. Besides, our quality and vigilance team takes care to deal with only the high rated certified manufacturers that are operating under effective licenses and conform to the GMP or good manufacturing practices. This ensures ethics that has emerged as a potent and determining factor in the med profession. We offer our expertise to ensure this parameter for you at every cost. We deliver quality and nothing short of it.

Our logistics is a standard in it!

In the last two decades, we have continuously evolved with our logistics support infrastructure for the Pharma and med supplies. Now we are a trusted mover of the medicines and diversity. We operate with highest precision standards so that the delicate supplies are never suffer any damage or denaturing of any kind. We have been also ensuring the air conditioned and refrigerated logistics support systems that generate complete and unaberrated cold chain for the resonant products and more particularly the bio samples!

We are committed to our operational excellence and have a passion to serve according to the frontline standards. Medi Globe Pharma Sciences would continue to offer the best conducts to ensure authenticity, ethics and efficiencies to synergize your service and presence!